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The Madrona Fiber Arts Festival starts this week and I'm so sad to be missing it.  I hem'ed and haw'ed over whether or not to go and decided not to when I tried signing up for classes and was way too late to get anything I wanted, along with a hotel room.  Next year, I'll have to be much more vigilant.  When I made my futile attempts at signing up 20 minutes after registration opened, I was thwarted.  I had heard this was a crazy one, and they were so right!

Churchmouse will be there, of course, and their booth will be chock full of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and Loft.  If any of you are going, take some pic for me!  Churchmouse has also posted some lovely pictures on their site of their latest Brooklyn Tweed samples and displays.  I believe all of it will be at their booth.  They have samples from our Fall Collection and Loft's debut collection.

I just love Churchmouse's aesthetic, don't you?  A little Jane Austen, a little Alice in Wonderland. 

And look!  My Pei cowl is hanging out of the front of the trunk!  Wouldn't it be great if they knit it in every color of Loft?  Just sayin'.