mishi2x Designs





Rarely am I able to knit for myself.  So when I get the chance, I usually choose very classic, simple and wearable designs.  And of course, my one go-to designer that embodies those qualities would be one of my partners in crime, Julie Hoover.  She has a wonderfully clean aesthetic that is so fine and charismatic, much like Julie herself, that it begs to be knit when you're relaxed, sipping some wine and enjoying life.

I cast on for her Kirkwood scarf design when we were all headed to Madrona last February.  Since then I've taken it out here and there usually when I meet up with friends for a Knit Night.  And finally just last week, I bound off.  My timing seems to be impeccable too; it has just started getting chilly at night and I can't wait to wear it.


Personally, I love Brooklyn Tweed's Cast Iron.  It's just a wee bit lighter than black.  And while it may not be the perfect choice to show off cables and a lovely slipped stitch textured pattern, it sure is something that goes with everything I wear... mostly black.