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Almost a year ago, I started a conversation with Quince & Co. about doing a sock design with their yarn.  I started to swatch some stitch patterns I liked and immediately fell in love with their yarn, Finch.  It's perfectly squishy - not too soft so you feel like the yarn is melting in your hands and not too stiff where you feel like you're working with twine.  The sturdy softness of this yarn is perfect for socks.  And the color!  Whenever I work with Quince, they always ask me what color I want to work with.  Usually, I'm fairly picky about how I picture a stitch pattern, or what colors I think are appropriate for clothing or accessories.  But, I can always safely answer, "Whichever.  I love them all."

So, out came Petit Fours.  As you can probably tell, I was (am) having a love affair with chevrons.  I really have no idea what that's about.  But, I do love them.  Graphic and simple.


© Quince & Co.

Designing socks allows me to let go a little.  I can use stitch patterns I feel may be too fussy for a garment, or a color I feel may be too loud or obnoxious.  They're socks!  I love how you just get a little peek of them and usually only when you sit down.  I'm always checking out people's socks in restaurants as I walk through, or on the subway, or while I'm standing on an escalator going up. (Businessmen really let go when it comes to their socks!)  It's such a strange habit, but I get such a kick out of people's socks.  I love the little surprises I get when I peek.  I'm never disappointed.

While we didn't collaborate directly, I was really excited to be in a sock book with Cookie A. and Star Athena - both sock superstars!  This is only my second sock design, so I was nervous to be 'round such talent.  And both of their designs blew me away.  I love Cookie's reverse stranded colorwork.  It's genius.  When you pull up a pair of socks, and if there's stranding on the inside, more likely than not, that pinky toe is going to get caught on a strand.  What a perfect solution.  And Star Athena's sweet details are so perfect for summer.  I think they'd go perfectly with my new pair of Supergas.

When the design was finally released last Wednesday, I couldn't believe my eyes, but my socks were on the cover of the booklet.  Thank you, Quince!


© Quince & Co.