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Gauge + Tension

I've been working myself into a lather these past few months putting together a project that's got me leaping out of bed in the mornings.  A good friend and I will be opening up a pop-up yarn store this Fall!  We've named it Gauge + Tension and it will be located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.

Some of you may know that my life with yarn began when I wanted to open up a store. I had always wanted to have my very own store and had dabbled in quite a few different options, never quite finding the right one for me. When I settled on the idea of a yarn shop, I had decided to learn as much about knitting as possible and that's when a completely different path appeared before me.

But for the past year or so, the bug had bitten me again. I live in the western most part of Queens where you wouldn't believe the growth that's happened over the past few years.  It has changed completely since I moved here close to 6 years ago.  Just north of me is Astoria and Sunnyside, a very well-developed part of Queens rich in history.  And just south of me is Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For the past year I've rented out a studio in Greenpoint and have fallen in love with the neighborhood. It is just north of Williamsburg, but has managed to retain an "old school" feel.

Why this geography lesson?  There is a very obvious lack of yarn stores in these neighborhoods - a problem that needs fixing straight away! I had inquired about retail spaces in my neighborhood, but felt already priced out. So why not a pop-up?!

And. Here. We. Are.

We'll be located at:  110 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222

Open weekends in October, November and December (excluding Rhinebeck, of course.)

Hours to come.

Our irresistible yarn assortment to come.

Stay tuned!!