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Spin me right round

I've been eyeing a Hansencrafts miniSpinner for years now. My first attempt at spinning was with a drop spindle, and that did not go well at all. (It especially didn't go well for the poor innocent drop spindle that I broke over my thigh, then threw its pieces at the television out of frustration.) But I moved on and eventually bought a Schacht Ladybug.  I love her, I do.  But for my apartment, she's quite stately.  So when I first witnessed a miniSpinner in action on youtube.com, I was mesmerized.  I had no idea these things existed!  Tiny and motorized!  And then I was able to ogle one in person at the Sheep & Wool Festival... and then at Madrona.  I was beginning to be a miniSpinner stalker. I kept watching youtube.com videos over and over telling myself I didn't need one. Well, I finally lost that argument. This beauty was delivered today. (I even ran down to the lobby to meet the mailman. I think I made his day.)

Hansencrafts miniSpinner - Maple wood with Woolee Winder.

Hansencrafts miniSpinner - Maple wood with Woolee Winder.

In addition to what comes with spinner, Hansencrafts threw in a little BFL from Abstract Fiber, and a beautiful Orifice Threader!  What a treat!

I had initially debated about which wood to get - there is quite an extensive selection - but I decided to go with the economical maple wood.  It also happens to be the wood that fits in with my decor.  It's really beautiful.

Aside from its obvious qualities, I just love the scotch tension knob. My ladybug wheel's scotch tension is a little wonky.  It works just fine, but it doesn't feel very finished.

And to change bobbins couldn't be easier with this metal clip. Press it down and the side of the spinner falls flat. Voila. It's perfectly thought out, and such good quality. Everything feels sturdy.

Best of all, it can sit right on my desk!

Just shove that keyboard aside - who needs that anyway?!