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Eternity + Moo Cotton

I heart wool. I love everything about it, down to the sheepy, lanolin smell of raw fleece. Occasionally I cheat and work with some other animal fibers. But very rarely, do I work with a plant fiber. But when I came across Jones & Vandermeer's Moo Cotton, I was intrigued. It is worsted weight and is 80% cotton and 20% milk protein fiber. Upon first touch, it feels like suede. It is by far the most interesting cotton blend I've come across. Personally, I find mercerized cotton too slick and shiny. Other cottons just feel dry. Maybe it's the milk protein that gives this yarn its unique feel. And after doing a little research on milk protein fibers, I found that it's naturally anti-bacterial, absorbs moisture and today it is considered environmentally friendly to produce. Sounds good to me!

The Heathered Grey color of the Moo Cotton immediately reminded me of my first Eternity Scarf sample knit in Rowan Lima. In an experiment to test Moo Cotton's stitch definition, I knit one up.

Eternity Scarf in Moo Cotton, color - Heathered Grey

Eternity Scarf in Moo Cotton, color - Heathered Grey

Well, I'm pretty sure it passed my test.  It's so incredibly soft and drapey without compromising any of that stitch definition.

And, these pictures were taken AFTER I threw it into the washing machine and dryer.  Now that, I can't do with my precious wool, can I?

I've edited the pattern a teensy bit so it only takes one ball of Moo Cotton, and will have the printed copy at GAUGE + TENSION exclusively. Of course, you can always buy the PDF version of the pattern on Ravelry here. I simply left out a few rows of the stockinette and a repeat of the horizontal cartridge rib.

Stop by GAUGE + TENSION this Fall if you'd like to feel this yarn for yourself. It's really special, and perfect for those with a wool sensitivity, get too hot wearing animal fibers or for babies and kids.