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Looking forward by going back in time

Here we go. I'm reverting back to a paper planner. For the past ten years, I dove headfirst into digital planning. Palm Pilots, Blackberries, iPhones, iPhone Apps and while they're convenient, sync (most of the time) and fast, they don't actually help me organize. They allow me to see what's happening when and where. I can list things, remind myself of things. But they're not actually helping me and my process.

So, I dug through a box I had in storage and found my old planner. I remember making the move to this book style because those thin little pages in a ring binder always ripped out. That used to make me crazy. I would suddenly be missing two days of my future. And since I can't easily add pages to the book, this puts a cap on all the crap I can stuff into it. Perfect for me.

Ah, the promise of a brand new blank planner. Digital's got nothing on this.