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It's finally happened. I have been toying with the idea of starting a YouTube Channel for quite some time, and trying to figure out the how and where and what and when... and why. The "why" was the most important question I wanted to answer before diving into this endeavor.

When I closed Gauge + Tension, I started to feel a void. I loved sitting there on a quiet Saturday and have someone roam in, curious to see what my tiny shop was all about, and getting into a wonderful conversation about the yarns I carried and why I carried them. The most satisfying interaction would be one that was cut short. I would start to give my 5-cent tour of the yarns, and the knitter's eyes would grow large, they would stop listening to me, and with arms outreached, head straight over to a yarn behind me. "Wow!! This color is amazing!!" they would exclaim, and I would happily sit back and let the yarn speak for itself.

I miss that. So, finally I found my "why". So tune-in! The first episode is a simple haul video (one of my personal faves to watch). But subscribe to the channel if you'd like to be notified of new videos! And please comment, like or dislike, and we can grow this channel together! Join my YouTube fam!!