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Pieces of you

When I was younger, I would sit in my room doodling with my fluorescent Stabilo markers.  The shape of the markers themselves were enough for me to choose them over any other brand.  A mystery to my father who would sneak plain-barreled, boring, old highlighters home only to be met with my disapproving gaze as I shook my head.  Oh no, they had to be Stabilo Boss markers.

I loved those things. I saved up months and months worth of allowance for a whole set made up of all the colors in a fluorescent rainbow.  Then, I remember moving onto Paint Markers.  I was on the Prop Design team in elementary school, and the volunteer mother brought in a bunch of these Uni Paint markers.  Of course, all in fluorescents.  It felt like my entire world shifted.  These were opaque wonders of magic.  I could use these markers and draw on anything.  The brightness of the colors kept their integrity!  They didn't soak through the material!