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A Touch of Lace

During the past few months, I've been busy in the studio dreaming up designs that would be simple, fast, and unintimidating to knit because personally, I start to shy away from larger projects when the weather warms.  And with the warm spell having hit the East Coast rather quickly this year, my focus has been on lace.  While I find lace intimidating at times, I just love the beauty of those eyelets.


So the result is my first eBook, "A Touch of Lace".  It's three designs that are just a little lacy, but are all quick accessories.  Have a look at the preview here:

The Hedren Tam, Kelly Socks and Novak Shawl are all named after Hitchcock blondes, as I'm sure you've guessed.  My parents were huge Hitchcock fans, and I remember only showing vague interest in these "old-timer" movies.  But, I'll never forget when I caught a glimpse of Kim Novak in Vertigo wearing that gray suit.  Omigod - I had never seen a woman quite as classy as that before or since then.  And who could ever forget Hitchcock's perfect angle, shot and slow-down of Grace Kelly leaning in to kiss Jimmy Stewart awake in Rear Window.  She was like an angel incarnate.  Anyway, those women definitely made a huge impact on my female ideal.  I hope that some of their elegance and grace shines through my designs.  I imagine that maybe, just maybe, they would have worn these knits between scenes or off camera.
How awesome is Hitch?!  While Ingrid Bergman is definitely one of my favorites, "Bergman" just didn't make the cut.  I'll have to do a Hitchcock brunettes collection.