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It is fascinating what knitting has brought into my life.  What started out as a hobby to distract me from an otherwise mundane life, has turned out not only to be a passion, but a gateway to other delights... spinning, fiber, sheep, crocheting, sewing, quilting, weaving (in my dreams), embroidery... and the list goes on.

From knitting has come a real curiosity in photography.  In our world of ravelry, flickr, blogs, instagram, tumblr and other online goodies, photographs are our one true way of showing the world how we see it and in my case, what we've created.  I'm not so good with words, and as they say: a picture is worth a thousand of them.

Light is hands-down the most important aspect of photography.  It's scientific really.  Photography is the recording of light, in its simplest terms.  And once I realized that, I've been tuned into good light, or light that I like.  Morning light vs. afternoon light.  Winter light vs. summer light.  Artificial light vs. natural light.  All have pros and cons.

So this morning, when I walked into my studio and saw my Novak Shawl hanging on my dressform with early morning, summer light shining on it, I had to snap a pic.  The natural light made the yarn glow with the softest, pearl-like quality that I stopped and stared for quite a long time.

Now if only I could walk around with a permanent softbox lighting me.