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back to school

I was surprised when I started seeing "Back to School" specials on TV and in store windows, but here we are in the middle of August and I'm seeing kids moving into dorms all around the city.  I've always been excited for the first day of school, and I still get a little tingle when September is around the corner.  Now, instead of lining up my pencils and packing up my notebooks, I start sifting through my yarn stash and digging through all my patterns and favorites on Ravelry. 

My vote for the Back to School knit of the season is Exeter.  I named this sweater after Philips Exeter Academy up in New Hampshire.  I was lucky enough to go to summer school there between my sophomore and junior years in high school.  It was a magical time, and an experience I will always cherish.  This sweater has that slightly bookish quality that reminds me of that time, and it's perfect for going to football games, Wednesday night study groups and for late nights editing the Yearbook!

© Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

Now I just have to find two pocket protectors.