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Summertime Neon Tote

OK - my Breton Tee is on hold at the moment. I got stuck figuring out how to put on the binding along the shoulder and back neck while attaching it to the front.  I've emailed Hot Patterns and I'm hoping to hear back from them soon! I need some new tee's for this weather!

In the meantime, I wanted to sew something that would utilize my serger in a different way.  So, when Sew Mama Sew posted a project using Sevenberry's Neon fabric, I clicked right on over to Jones & Vandermeer and bought some for myself.  Remembering I had purchased Noodlehead's Super Tote Pattern, I figured this was as a good a reason to cut into this fun fabric. I've been needing an easy tote for knitting projects and for the beach.  I also remembered that this tote pattern needed some piping along the exterior pocket.  And it's super easy to make your own piping with a serger!

A cording foot has a groove along the bottom of the foot so that cording, or piping in this example, can be guided through easily.

Left: Cording Foot, top view; Right: Cording Foot, bottom view.

Left: Cording Foot, top view; Right: Cording Foot, bottom view.

I did not have any actual piping at home, so I used some thick cotton yarn I had.  I cut the length longer than I needed so it would be easy to feed into the serger.  I did the same with the fabric that would be wrapped around it.

I folded the fabric lengthwise and ironed it.

This fold gives me a place to lay in the piping.

I tucked the piping inside the fabric and brought it over to the serger.  I started to feed the piping into the groove of the foot.

And as it started to feed through, I kept my finger up against the piping so it stayed snug up against the fold of the fabric.

Once it comes out the other end, you've got some piping!

Whatever is too long, I simply snip off to the length that I need.

I pretty much followed the pattern as-is except:

1)  I did not add a zipper.  If I plan on using a bag for knitting, I like my yarn to be able to come right out the top without worrying about the zipper teeth.

2)  i did not sew in the folds in the gusset.  I preferred a simpler silhouette.

3)  My inside pockets are not elasticized.  I just basted a shorter flat piece onto the lining and sewed a seam up the middle to make it two pockets.

It's definitely not perfect - I struggled a little with the interfacing.  I used Craft Fuse 808 from Pellon, and after fusing it, it seemed to come unglued.  (I've had it for quite some time now - does the glue go bad?)  There was quite a bit of ripping out and resewing when it came to the gusset.  I left plenty of little tucks along the curved bottom that shouldn't be there.

But, I absolutely love it.  The pattern is clear and easy to understand.  And with a great foundation like this pattern, you can very easily make your own modifications.  I'm thinking next time I may make a side pocket for a bottle of water, and add a keychain or something inside.

The neon pink and yellow definitely puts a smile on my face!